Experience of use Gelarex

Honest review from Alice from Krakow

The experience in the treatment of hemorrhoids with the cream Gelarex from Alice from Krakow, a review of the effect of the agent

My name is Alice and I live in Krakow. After the second birth, I developed rapidly progressive hemorrhoids that haunted me. Everyday life became a real agony - constant pain and burning constantly haunted me. When you have two young children there is no time to get sick and feel sorry for yourself, and with worsened hemorrhoids, it is very difficult to play with a child and hold them in your arms. I was looking for a way to get rid of the discomfort faster and the Gelarex cream became my salvation.

My review

I chose Gelarex based on its composition. I liked that it is a natural remedy that can be used for both internal and external hemorrhoids. I was bribed by the fact that the drug contains plant components that everyone has heard - serenoa, celandine, chamomile. At the same time, I did not find any antibiotics and hormonal agents in the composition, and it was very important to me that the cream had a safe formula.

I liked that the order can be made on the website as I would feel uncomfortable buying the drug from the pharmacy for such a delicate problem. Ordering is easy: I left my contact details and they called me back in 5 minutes. I doubted this tool would help me, but the operator advised me so there was no longer any doubt. The cream was delivered very quickly, I picked up Gelarex from the post office only two days later and started immediately.

How I used the cream

I must say right away that I had no previous experience of using ointments and creams for hemorrhoids, so it was scary at first that Gelarex caused a burning sensation. Detailed instructions are provided with the drug describing how to use the tool. Everything turned out to be very simple: after taking a shower, you need to apply a little cream in the morning and in the evening.

On the first day it was scary because the hemorrhoids worsened a lot, I could not sit, the pain could also be felt when walking. I applied quite a bit of the product, couldn't massage it in because of the pain, but the Gelarex cream absorbs so quickly. Imagine my surprise when I felt relief literally 10 minutes later! The remedy relieved my pain and burning sensation almost immediately. It is clear that the protruding vein thickening did not go away the first time, but I did not expect it. I continued to use the cream as instructed and felt better day by day.

My result

Photo of Gelarex cream, Alice's review of the drug for hemorrhoids

Gelarex has a cumulative effect, so the result gets stronger every day. On the first day, the remedy only eliminated the symptoms. In the evening it started to hurt a little again, but another application of Gelarex resolved the symptoms immediately.

By about the third day of use, I noticed that the vein was becoming more elastic. From that moment on, the pain never returned. After 7 days, it became much easier to go to the bathroom, the discomfort disappeared as the cream perfectly regenerated anal fissures. In the second week of use, I found that the knot had become quite small.

In total, I used the Gelarex cream for a month, by the end of that time I got rid of hemorrhoids completely. Yes, a small lump remained, but the hemorrhoids can't go away on their own, but they don't bother me anymore. Now I am living a full life again, even though I thought I would have to have an operation. Many thanks to the manufacturer Gelarex for making such an effective and safe product!