Reviews Gelarex

  • Ricky
    I have a sedentary job and am overweight so hemorrhoids have not passed me by. He suffered periodic exacerbations for three years, bypassed all doctors, but the pain returned regularly. Accidentally seen Gelarex, ordered immediately. In general I will leave out the details, but in a month there has been no trace of hemorrhoids.
  • Yuliana
    After the birth, hemorrhoids came out, I was tired of treating him. I've tried everything - both ointments and pills, but every six months it gets worse again. I ordered Gelarex and he just saved me! All symptoms disappeared in one day, I didn't even know what that could be!
  • Rani
    He tortured me with hemorrhoids, I was thinking of going under the knife, but then my wife ordered gelarex. The cream is very effective, it is smeared once and after 5 minutes there is no pain or burning sensation. I recommend it to everyone and keep using it myself. I think I'll get rid of the disease completely in a month.
  • Xesco
    Gelarex is a cool work cream. I smeared it once - no pain in the morning. It is absorbed quickly, does not bake. Nothing remained of the hemorrhoids in the course of the process. I recommend to everyone.
  • Dinda
    She gave birth to three children, and after each birth the hemorrhoids got bigger. In the last year it did not go through, treatment made no sense. I decided to have surgery but when I saw gelarex I decided to give him a chance. I never get tired of thanking the manufacturer because this cream saved me from the operation! You should have seen a doctor's eyes when I came to him a month later with no hemorrhoids!
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